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Embedded Maniac


Linux is a very powerful platform for building embedded systems. Its major benefits are: low system resource usage, high level of customization and of course greatest stability. The main factor, that makes such success of Linux on embedded systems possible, is its Open Source nature. Great numbers of supported CPUs including PowerPC, MIPS, Alpha, Sparc, M68000 and ARM make Linux the number one choice for all hardware manufacturing companies. Most manufacturing companies found Linux not only the number one choice, considering the royalty-free nature of Linux, but the only one choice at all. Other great factors speaking  for it are: great performance, scalability, advanced networking, productivity and at last the real-time OS. All that factors give Linux a dominating position on the embedded systems market.

A great number of Linux distribution packs are already existing on the market, and the most popular for desktops are: Ubuntu, SuSe and Debian. For embedded systems required minimalistic distributions which contains only what is really needed. This is the nature of the embedded systems - they always have a strong limit in memory, disk space or etc. 


embeddedManiac is product that helps in creation of custom Linux distributions. You do not need now to download all packages, find there dependencies and at last spent huge amount of time for getting custom installation image. Our service provides easy to learn interface that do all that for you. In several simple steps you creating own custom distribution package and can download it in suitable burn-format.

Output formats:

  • Live CD/DVD
  • Hard disk image
  • USB portable image

Custom branding, your software and everything it needs can be done now in several minutes.


  • order burned CD/DVD delivery;
  • integrate custom RPM, DEB packages into images;
  • custom branding;
  • clone images from already existing;
  • define package CPU;
  • define version of each package if needed;


Technical Info

  • Web Interface;
  • supported IE6+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera;
  • AJAX UI;


In case of any troubles with embeddedManiac we with pleasure ready to assist you. Please contact us using our online web form. Our response time is less then 48 hours, in working days response will be in several minutes or hours. Thanks.


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Customer Quotes

Elliot Smoke, Smart Consulting Gmbh told us:

Today our partners have announced the beta release of the products sipManiac and cryptoManiac to us. We, as a company specialized on VoIP solutions, are trying out all of the existing applications on the market. sipManiac and cryptoManiac ideas are very good, though the early release still requires some fixes, but the potential is great and the usability is one of the best we've seen. Keep on going! You are doing a good job. We are anxiously waiting now for the next release.

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