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Mobile VoIP client for all major business smart-phones platforms: RIM BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Apple iPhone. Installation of this client gives your the freedom of VoIP and the benefits of cheaper calls. Read more...


The VoIP client is specially created to provide maximum security of your calls. It excludes the possibility of interception and decryption of your calls. It's completely safe and secured. But it also has several limitations in usability that are dictated by the security needs. Read more...


Embedded Linux is a core expertise of our company and this product is one confirmation more proving that we offer our experience and knowledge in a easy and innovative way. Using embeddedManiac you can create custom images of embedded Linux, customize its packages, configurations and get results in a few minutes instead of several weeks. Read more...


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Customer Quotes

George Witney, VoIP consulter, UK told us:

I was impressed by the VoIP client sipManiac today. It's one of the best VoIP clients on the market which I've kept in my hands. Stylish and easy to use. I have installed it on my Android G1 and in 30 seconds made the first test call to my friend. The audio was loud and clear. Connection stable. Thanks guys for involving me in Beta testing. I'm waiting now for the release.

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