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Cheap Calls over VoIP

It's not a secret anymore that VoIP gives cheapest calls in the world. In ideal case cost will be ZERO. In worst case it will cost you the same money as ordinal phone usage. So such situation give us no choice at all, we have to use VoIP, because it save our budget.

VoIP calls can be divided into several categories: PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone and PC-to-mobile. PC-to-PC also cover huge specter of devices, like: net-books and smart phones.

When you call becomes FREE?

If you using PC-to-PC connectivity your call in most cases will be FREE. Is it true? Not completely! Internet traffic always cost something and it will be completely free if you are using free Wi-Fi point in hotel or coffee shop. With current unlimited internet packages/contracts prices on traffic become very close to zero. So the true meaning of free is "it cost mostly nothing". But don't be disappointed when you get a bill after one million minutes of talks, "mostly nothing" can also become a value.

PC-to-mobile or PC-to-phone will never become free. First of all, difference between those two categories is huge. Mobile phone and land phone have completely different grids of prices. Mobile phones costs higher at least at 30%.

For making calls from VoIP to phone possible required special provider. Provider will bind mobile or land phone with virtual VoIP address and route, transform your digital voice to analog if needed. That is the reason why it will always cost more.

Quality is also a very important thing in VoIP. If calls are cheap, but quality of voice is horrible then you will simply loose money. You should always search compromise between quality and price. Higher quality means better quality, better support, and better services.

How to save cost

At the current moment it’s impossible to remove land phones. And you will always have needs of making call to such phones. So you have to find vendor that will provide you such service for smallest price and with good quality. Keep in mind that on market exist hundred of such services and they can provide call to the same area on different prices. So it's important to track all the time vendors’ prices grid and switch between them in case better price. Review of the prices grid once per half of the year is a very good practice.

Known services

  • Vonage
  • Phone Power
  • lingo
  • nextiva

Review of those vendors can be read by link  "Which VoIP option is best for your growing small business?".
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Customer Quotes

Elliot Smoke, Smart Consulting Gmbh told us:

Today our partners have announced the beta release of the products sipManiac and cryptoManiac to us. We, as a company specialized on VoIP solutions, are trying out all of the existing applications on the market. sipManiac and cryptoManiac ideas are very good, though the early release still requires some fixes, but the potential is great and the usability is one of the best we've seen. Keep on going! You are doing a good job. We are anxiously waiting now for the next release.

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