VoIP Introduction

All about VoIP and SIP. Described in easy words what it is and how you can achieve benefits from using it. Read more...

Cheap calls

VoIP often means an economy benefit for the end customer. Let's take a closer look in the internals and decide if it's really as cheap as the advertising says. Read more...


In the background of VoIP are several technologies layered. Each one of them is innovative and promising a lot, but only a combination gives it enough basis for a successful commercial use. If you want to know more about each technology in details then use links below:

Technologies by categories:

  • VoIP: SIP, RTP;
  • Security: SRTP, TLS/SSL;
  • Routing: STURN, TURN, ICE;
  • Audio codecs: G.729, G.722;
  • Instant Messaging: SIMPLE, MSRP;
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Customer Quotes

Elliot Smoke, Smart Consulting Gmbh told us:

Today our partners have announced the beta release of the products sipManiac and cryptoManiac to us. We, as a company specialized on VoIP solutions, are trying out all of the existing applications on the market. sipManiac and cryptoManiac ideas are very good, though the early release still requires some fixes, but the potential is great and the usability is one of the best we've seen. Keep on going! You are doing a good job. We are anxiously waiting now for the next release.

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