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First B2B release available

04 Jun 2009

A few minutes ago was the B2B preview of all our products released. Our partners have already started to learn and investigate capabilities of our products. We assume that the earlier releases to our partners is the key to success in business relations. Our partners have access to our developers team, can provide us with significant feedback and help us make our products better and more successful for the market. Read more...

Active development started

01 Feb 2009

Our company starts an active development on five products that will be shortly available on the market. VoIP and embedded linux solutions are on the way to your business. I hope that news will help you to track our activities. Thanks.

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Customer Quotes

George Witney, VoIP consulter, UK told us:

I was impressed by the VoIP client sipManiac today. It's one of the best VoIP clients on the market which I've kept in my hands. Stylish and easy to use. I have installed it on my Android G1 and in 30 seconds made the first test call to my friend. The audio was loud and clear. Connection stable. Thanks guys for involving me in Beta testing. I'm waiting now for the release.

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