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About Us

Sipnology is an established service provider for mobile software and embedded Linux. We are setting whole new standards with our solutions in innovation and quality on all mobile-phone platforms.

Our solutions are as individual as our customers because we are sure that no ideas, concepts or wishes are alike. That's why we develop software in accordance with the needs of our custumers and ensure application usability and security.

Custom mobile phone application development is one of the core strengths of Sipnology. Even if you just have a brief business concept of a mobile application we will deliver a complete solution that meets your business objectives. We provide support and adjustment to our solutions and returning them to the right business objectives which can be so often, according to the market situation, changed.

We supply turnkey solutions according to your requirements and specifications and accompany you all the way through to a successful implementation of your project. Our competent developers and consultants provide a full-cycle service from requirement gathering to application development, providing support and assistance way beyond the date of completion.

Contact Information

Karlingerstrasse 19
D-80992 München
Fax +49(0)321 21042866
Tel  +49(0)89 600 32 522
Fax +49(0)89 600 32 523


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Customer Quotes

George Witney, VoIP consulter, UK told us:

I was impressed by the VoIP client sipManiac today. It's one of the best VoIP clients on the market which I've kept in my hands. Stylish and easy to use. I have installed it on my Android G1 and in 30 seconds made the first test call to my friend. The audio was loud and clear. Connection stable. Thanks guys for involving me in Beta testing. I'm waiting now for the release.

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